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Life @ Work, A Beautiful Journey
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Work from Home(WFH)

Work from home (WFH) has been trending more as a result of the pandemic and has seen an immense response. With the super-fast advancement of technology, communication has become easier, faster, and more globalized, allowing people to communicate across borders from their homes. All software supporting B2B, B2C, and working tools has been accessible regardless of location, and your workflow can be monitored and governed remotely. The pros from the employee point of view are no commuting, the flexibility of work, no dress code, more time to take care of others simultaneously, taking breaks as desired, etc. Overall, the job gets done, and working from home has been seen as more beneficial for the employee.

IT Staff Outsourcing

Work from Office(WFO)

Work from Office (WFO) is the traditional way, and it has a fixed time to get to work and back, a dress code, breaks at fixed intervals, leave approvals, teammates, office get-togethers, quicker and faster decisions, and approvals over the table. The process is more productive and rapid, obviously all within office hours. Above all, the major difference between WFH and WFO is the feeling that someone is watching you at the office, which is not the case at home.


Now there is a famous saying I remember:”Work while you work, play while you play, eat while you eat, and sleep while you sleep”. So its an environmental difference, but the nature of the work and position are the same.

Now that we have seen the pros and cons of both types, there is yet another kind called hybrid work, which is a combination of both work styles.

IT Staff Outsourcing

With so many changes in place, manageability of work completion, quality, and maintaining efficiency become the first priorities, so organizations turn their attention here and have less time to manage the rest, so they have made the smart decision to outsource their processes. Of which IT staff outsourcing and human resource management have been proven to be very successful.

IT Staff Outsourcing is designed for partners who typically, and on short notice, want to employ staff for a fixed length of time. Staff outsourcing service allow partners to match their staff needs to their business demands without the legal and monetary risks of employing full-time staff.

Our expertise in IT staff outsourcing and recruitment services over the past 15 years could support your organization in getting dedicated, intelligent, and passionate professionals.IT staff outsourcing andrecruitment services allow you to hire experienced professionals on contracts; we solve the limits of the in-house HR team!

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    • Victoria Addington Reply

      February 24, 2023 at 10:22 pm

      I was captivated when you mentioned that IT staff outsourcing allows employing staff for a fixed length of time. My friend told me that their business needs household staffing. I think it’s best to turn to a reputable staffing service provider in their area.

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