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IT Staff Outsourcing
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IT Staff Outsourcing

IT Staff outsourcing is when the partner would like to employ staff temporarily. This service allows the partner to hire a qualified individual or a team for a fixed amount of time without the risk of employing permanent staff. ADI takes full responsibility for swiftly selecting suitable staff and also for the recruitment, payroll, retention, and replacement of the staff. ADI has a great recruitment process, employee benefits, training and development, and retention policies, so the partner can be assured that ADI keeps their services and staff to a professional standard.

ADI recruiters mainly focus on IT and non-IT professionals. Our IT outsourcing services are primarily focused on Dot Net, Java, Testing, J2EE, J2ME, VB 6, Object-Oriented Analysis and UML-Based, COBOL, RPG, AS400, SAP, Oracle, Test Leads and Test Managers, Networking Specialists and Network Engineers, and Project Managers.

Recruitment Service

We provide recruitment solutions for both contract and permanent positions across a broad range of IT and business skill sets, from graduate entry-level to heads of global businesses.
How recruitment consulting works is that ADI is given the job description by the partner to ensure qualified individuals are hired, as well as a list of benefits that candidates would get from working at the partner’s business. This is to attract candidates. ADI finds candidates by CV searching, matching, analytics, and reporting, as well as by job postings on job boards. Then screens all the good candidates via a telephonic or Skype call screening and a technical assessment. After that, the best candidates are put on a shortlist and sent to the partner, who then makes the final decision on who to hire. To ensure the new hire is successful, ADI makes and negotiates the offer, prepares the candidate to handle counter-offers, and assists in securing acceptance and confirming the start date. The recruitment consulting service is supported by replacement guarantees in case the candidate cannot pass the probationary period or if the hire is unsuccessful

Payroll, Visa and Work Permit

 Payroll outsourcing service gives their partner the option of putting their employee(s) on ADI’s payroll; this benefits the partner by reducing accounting and benefits costs and minimizing potential risks with employer-employee relationships, as may be perceived. The payroll outsourcing service is suitable for partners who want to focus on their business and goals and move away from their focus on internal process management. ADI will make sure that their partner’s staff get the right salary at the right time, payslips are provided to the staff, and any payroll questions or concerns are given the utmost primacy. In addition to that, it is our responsibility to ensure that all legal and government tax conditions are fulfilled legally. On top of that, we take full responsibility for the establishment of the process and the execution of the service.

A work permit is very necessary for a person to legally work and operate a business in a country as a professional or as an employer. Working without a work permit or visa might have grave repercussions. We provide our partners with a hassle-free process to get a work permit in many countries, which are Thailand, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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