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Career: Past Race or Future Journey?
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Each one of us has only one pleasant life to head forward. Our whole life depends on how well we have spent our lifetime. Career: Is it a race from the past or for the future? The drastic growth in the IT software industry urges the need for hiring managers to stay abreast of growing technology and procurement standards. Staying up-to-date and learning is more rapid when resourcing companies that handle IT staff augmentation, IT staff outsourcing, payroll, visas, and work permits.

Career-driven people are of two kinds

  1. People who learned from their past
  2. People who learn from the process

It is a race to decide who beats the niche faster and achieves the goal.

People who have learned from their past.


The people who have gained experience have looked back into the past to ensure that they do not repeat their past mistakes. Hence, they mold themselves from what they have been to what they wish to be. Such are the people who have been self-learning and perfecting their careers. They do not have time for long-term planning because they spend most of their time learning from the past. For example, a software organization hires an IT staff for a software position. The IT staff has to use his past learning expertise and needs to apply his skill set along with his experience from the past.

Now let’s see the second type of people

People who learn from the process.

career process

The second type of person runs towards their target and learns from their mistakes. Maybe their plan might fail and they learn, or they might succeed and fix another target. They commit a mistake, and it is not anticipatory most of the time. They have to keep heading towards their target, and there is no time to look back. For example, an IT software company fixes a target to achieve and aims forward to it. In due course, the IT software company hires or outsources IT staff, manages their payroll, processes visa work permits, and also implements software updates as and when required. Now their target must be reached, and they must learn from the mistakes they make in the process and change their IT staff augmentation protocols and associated processes based on the results obtained.

In both case studies, people have learned either from the past or in the process of reaching their target, but they have missed out on one factor. In the first category, they missed planning for the future, and in the second case, they missed looking back into the past. These two are very important when looking at success.

Most successful IT software companies have been learning from the past and also aiming toward their future simultaneously. Some IT software companies have their IT staff outsourced so they can focus on other key factors. Some IT software companies outsource services like payroll, visa work permits, recruitment, and IT staffing. This outsourcing will enable IT software organizations to focus on their key factors so they can improvise from the past and achieve their future targets more efficiently.

Your past lessons and your future planning are the keys to your success.

Your future should be a reflection of your past, with a new goal to reach

Lead a successful career and achieve your growth “effectively and efficiently.”

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