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Blockchain Technology
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The history of blockchain was dated back since 1991, since the concept was introduced and with the launch of bit coins in early 2000s, blockchain took its recognition and has paved its data flow through the upcoming technology.


Blockchain Versus database:

Blockchain is a distributed form of database across a network. Block has paved its way towards decentralization. Blockchains have been a major part in Crypto currencies. The main aim of this new launch is to exclude the necessity of a third party for financial transactions. Until quite recently it has been a point where every financial transaction need the help of a third party guaranteed medium for safety and security of records. The main aim of blockchain is to provide individual safety and security of transaction without the use of a third-party medium.

In a database every data is stored in the form of tables and they are linked with reference to rows and column numbers. On the other hand, in blockchain data is stored in the form of blocks with a time stamp. The concurrent block of data follows the previous time stamp and linked together like a chain. Once a data is time stamped it means that it is stoned and the data is no more irreversible in the chain.

Blockchain follows a concept called DLT- Distributed Ledger Technology which basically means that data is recorded on a chronological manner, similar to a manual ledger entry, where there is no room for editing a record once written.

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Blockchain Decentralization:

In blockchain the transparency level is more superior than acentralized system held in a huge database.  When an entry is made in blockchain, it takes reference of all other chained nodes, thus the accuracy is ensured. Additionally, no single node is editable plus every entry has a point of agreement before entry and secured by consensus such as “Proof of Sake – POS or Proof of work (POW)” as stated by the blockchain terms.


Due to the extended security of transactions and reference nodes blockchain has become trending now. Many leading firms, IT and even non-IT companies have moved into blockchain. Software professionals who have been into technological and scripting work have started learning about blockchain development. Market is witnessing where new job openings have started emerging into blockchain as well. It has proved to be a prospective career path in blockchain. There are more advancements in blockchain and the new technology is paving its path in many more industries, which we will cover in another topic.

We at ADI have taken the initiative for training interested candidates on blockchain technologies. We provide onsite and offsite training. These are no cost training and successful candidates upon completion of the course will get an opportunity to be placed with our clients. Job placement assistance is also provided by our team for trained professionals.

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