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How have IT jobs transformed lives?
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IT is a rapidly growing industry with flaring demands to cope up with the innovations of business processes and technology trends.

Let’s leap back to those days before the invention of the computer.

There was paperwork. Everything was in pen and paper filed and stored.

After the advent of IT, information is computerized and data is stored in cloud storage servers.

The next was the work routine. There was a particular timing for work because there was no internet to connect demographics those days. The only method of communication over demographics was by post, then it was telegram.

With the advent of the internet people from different demographic work on the same project and the timing has become uncertain and people work round the clock to communicate in different time zones.

The next when we compare is the speed of processing was fixed and longer those days as every bit of information was handwritten and commuting was also longer.

The technology advancement is heading towards AI and autofill, voice-to-text fill has been widely used to fill forms online in seconds and absolutely no commuting is necessary.

Technological advancements have indeed proven to have made communications and processes faster and easier. However, the stress and demographic time zone shift have also made a drastic change in lifestyle.

The rapid advancements in technology have paved the way for high-paid income and the high volume of job openings has created a need for resourcing companies. Resourcing companies take care of the entire process of advertising, screening, testing, and selecting candidates. It needs a team of experienced dedicated and passionate professionals to do this.

ADI is a leading recruitment consulting company providing passionate professionals to many organizations in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. We will expand to new markets in the future.

Whether you require permanent or contract employees, ADI Resourcing will provide you with the right approach to identify qualified and dependable personnel.

From placing the advertisement, screening, testing, and reference checking to the presentation of suitably qualified candidates will be all managed by our highly experienced HR and management consultant team. Our recruitment service is backed by replacement guarantees.

Think Job… Think ADI..

ADI is one of the best agencies in Southeast Asia of dedicated and passionate professionals with more than 15 years of experience in IT Staff Outsourcing, Recruitment, and IT Consulting Services.


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