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Beating the pandemic with training and expertise.
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Beating the pandemic with training and expertise.

The pandemic has seriously exacerbated an existing problem for employers – Changing work and business environments, demand for expertise, and skill sets. Trying to manage these situations in a tricky global situation. ADI Group Asia has found an interesting path to a solution to this problem.
ADI Group is an outsourcing and recruitment agency, specializing in IT in particular. Demands for a vast range of IT skills have been exponentially rising. The pandemic has created a vast range of practical issues for employers.
The issues are absolute baseline core business problems:
Accessing essential skills: The pandemic has created a major disconnect for employers trying to hire IT experts, consultants, and specialists.
Training: Simultaneously, achieving training goals is a critical issue. Lack of easily available expertise and training capacity isn’t helping up-skilling the existing workforce and even obstructing baseline training.
These two problems are inseparable, affecting both routine business and business growth. They therefore directly impact the bottom line of many businesses throughout Asia.

The ADI Group solution

The obvious need is for both “skills continuity”, maintaining critical skill sets, and training the next generation. This is how ADI Group Asia manages the problems:
Consultants: Consultants are valuable assets in terms of managing existing issues on a “custom” basis. Specialists and experts are brought in to manage current business needs.
Consultants as trainers: ADI Group Asia includes high-value training done by consultants onsite, to assist with the development of essential skills for businesses.
Built-in skills monitoring and assessments: This benefit is less obvious, but absolutely critical. Employers need to know what they can do in-house, and what skills need to be brought in. Consultants can provide this information on an ongoing basis.
This approach has achieved excellent outcomes across a very broad bandwidth of different types of businesses. In the ever-changing, ever-demanding IT environment this is a reliable all-purpose fix to both skills continuity problems and real business needs.

Adding real business value for the future

The benefits don’t stop there, though; there are also very high-value future business options:
ADI Group’s all-round solution includes future benefits. The ability to “customize” the in-house skills base and the knowledge base is a great way to promote business growth.
Practical support and guidance are always important, particularly for high-value, innovative IT projects. Instant support when you need it is a very useful asset.
Consultants can also provide a useful insight into IT structuring, helping with outsourcing needs. They can also assist with much-needed upgrades to ensure businesses have a competitive edge.
The training components can also be well-structured, with professional guidance. In the complex IT environment, structured training is extremely important. Working in-house, consultants can provide a very useful map of current and future training needs for future planning.
ADI Group offers a complete range of these services for businesses throughout India and southern Asia. Whether you need instant on-site expertise, help with hiring, outsourcing, or training, this is the way of the future. Just call us or contact us online for any services you need. Our friendly multilingual team will be happy to assist.

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