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ADI Group’s Covid Announcement
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ADI Team needs this collaborative effort to defeat the Covid19 together. Please read carefully this message. Let’s help, take care of each other and share this message with other ADI members.
We will always be beside you, contact us whenever you need any support, and always remember to be careful out there, follow the right guidelines, don’t ever put our guards down. Stay Safe


Hello ADI team,

As you are aware of the increasing number of Covid19 cases in the city. ADI is coming together to
help our ADI team members (outsource and backend) who are tested +ve and are having difficult time
to cook or arrange food from out.
We, have a team who are happy to prepare and deliver your meals without any charges within Bangkok.

In difficult times like this, we need to support each other. ADI will continue to give helping hands
wherever needed.

Please get in touch with your site account manager, support or admin team.
Lunch between 12.30 to 13.30hrs.
Dinner between 18.30  to 20.30hrs.

Please take care of yourselves and each other. Together we can. STAY STRONG!!

Khun Fon: +66 968169561
Khun Sa : +66 81 8330205


Hallo Team Adi Indonesia.
Seperti yang kita ketahui semakin meningkatnya kasus COVID 19 di Indonesia, kami PT Adi
Consulting akan berupaya memberikan bantuan kepada semua Kontraktor IT maupun staff
internal PT Adi Consulting yang saat ini dinyatakan “Positive Covid 19“ dan mengalami kesulitan
dalam hal mendapatkan makanan atau membeli makanan dari luar, PT Adi Consulting akan siap
membantu untuk menyalurkan makanan secara gratis untuk semua karyawan PT Adi Consulting
Indonesia khususnya untuk area Jakarta dan sekitarnya.

Bersama PT Adi Consulting kita akan tetap berupaya untuk saling menjaga dan mendukung agar
pandemic ini bisa segera berakhir.

Dan berikut contacts person teams Adi Consulting yang dapat di hubungi ;
– Anita – +62 812-7813-8894
– Adnan – +62 857-7289-9570

Jadwal :
Makan Siang antara jam 12.30 WIB – 13.30 WIB
Makan Malam antara jam 18;30 – 20;30


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